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Welcome to our updated 4D schools page which sets out the 4D Accreditation Process that has been under construction until now. We look forward to working with your school and as feedback is received we will of course refine and evolve the process to ensure that it becomes the world- class quality mark that we all want.

4D schools are listed on this website so that parents and educators can view which schools are achieving the best from their dyslexic students and creating school wide changes to improve teaching and learning for all staff and students at the school. 4D Schools are leading schools – campaigning Best Practice. Get it Right for Dyslexics – Get it Right for All.

Total 4D schools to date: 505

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The 4D Schools programme revolves around a ‘notice and adjust’ teaching paradigm, with comprehensive guidance on noticing students who are having issues and adjusting the teaching to suit. It includes a comprehensive resource of simple classroom changes which fit with the expectations of the National Curriculum and will drive the kind of measurable progress mandated by the Government. You can read more about Neil Mackay and notice and adjust at our dedicated 4DEdge web space.

The 4D process is driven by school leaders and is built on the ERO Self-Review Process which ensures that schools need only measure what is already required. Therefore huge improvements can be made without requiring significantly more time or resources. Many schools have started this process which we have now made much more accessible.

There are 3 levels of 4D:

Level 1 Schools (Basic): These schools have a basic awareness of Dyslexia and intend to move forward to becoming 4D | Dyslexia Aware School by taking the 3 steps of strategy, policy, and action.

This intention needs to be shared with all stakeholders and the school is accountable to these stakeholders (students, parents, whanau, teachers, BOT’s, and community) not to DFNZ.

There are well over 500 schools already registered as a Level 1 school – click on the regions above to view them.

Level 2 Schools (Developing): This is a school that has gone through a Self- Review audit and has created a written strategy, policy, and action plan. They have begun to implement this, are monitoring progression and improvements, and can present evidence to its stakeholders on measurable progress against the Self-Review audit.

Level 3 School (Integrated): This is a school that has implemented its action plan and based on a fresh audit it can confidently present evidence on improvements which have led to Best Practice. It’s a school which has integrated all the targets set.

4D Consultancy has created and provided a number of FREE downloadable resources to guide and support schools through their journey. Professional development is also available to aid this success but it is not a prerequisite.

Each school determines its level and can publish this on their own website. We will also publish progress on our 4D School Website. DFNZ must stress that each school ‘owns’ this process and determines their level. Their level will be reflected in practice and experienced by students. Parents will let schools know if they are succeeding.

If you have questions or need advice please email:

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