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  Advertising Opportunities

Take advantage of our reach and gain access to your desired audiences cost effectively.

With over 200,000 valid hits in some weeks across our webspaces, over 18,000 qualified email addresses, and a track record of sell-out workshop events you can give your business the edge whether you are wanting to sell a product or service, or simply tell people that your business supports the need for change in the area of dyslexia and learning difference.

Current opportunities:

Event Advisory & Promotion - let us promote your event to our membership and those that visit our websites.

This service gives your event premium exposure via a banner advert on the following web pages:

- the DFNZ home page
- the 4D landing page
- the DFNZ event pages

In addition, we can include a limited number of emails to our member, 4D, and school databases.

Contact us now for details click here.

DFNZ/4D Newsletters - with a qualified database of over 18,000 email addresses our infrequent and highly valued newsletters offer only a few advertisers a very cost effective and efficient means of communication..... cost depends upon the size and type of audience. Contact us now for details click here.

4D Family Page Banner Adverts available for all these webspaces.... with only 2 adverts per home page and at an introductory cost of $800 plus GST per quarter these offer great value for your marketing dollar. Contact us now for details click here.

4D | Schools Webspace - with 4D registered schools now almost 500, this webspace which offers free advice to improve classroom life for both teachers and students is fast becoming a part of the education fabric of NZ.
4D | Edge Webspace - FREE resources means educators from around NZ and beyond are accessing this site in increasing numbers and spreading the word. This unique webspace shares the expertise of Neil Mackay, and other world-leading dyslexia thinkers, with advice and proven strategies to achieve better results in the classroom. It is based on 4D thinking, which extends the common perception of three dimensions to overlay a fourth dimension of creativity.
4D | Family Webspace - Parents arrive here either through passion or by teacher referral. This webspace provides advice and practical tips for parents with children who don't seem to be making the same progress as other children at school.
4D | Workplace Webspace - Supporting dyslexia in the workplace is an highly developed industry in the UK. Get in at the ground floor to what will inevitably become a growth area by way of the 4D Workplace website - an online resource to help employers and employees harness the strengths that dyslexia can bring to business - particularly in creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship.


Graphic design support available!!

For an extra $100 we can create your advert from a detailed brief that you supply.

Email us today for full details about the opportunities that interest you most - click here OR

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