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4D Schools are leading schools – campaigning Best Practice. Get it Right for Dyslexics – Get it Right for All. By recognizing different learning styles and thinking preferences, as well as acknowledging diversity, the 4D approach helps all students at risk of underachievement. There are now 500 schools registered as part of the 4D programme, making a commitment to becoming more dyslexia aware through a unique Self Review process. 

There are 3 levels of 4D Schools and details of these are set out on the 4D schools page.

4D Consultancy has a select number of independent experts from NZ and UK that can provide the assistance and professional development required by a school or cluster. These consultants are all very familiar with 4D and each has their own specialist skills.

Firstly, renowned international dyslexia and whole school specialist Neil Mackay is ofen in New Zealand. You can learn more and contact him directly through his NZ website at

Closer to home, we have Jenny Tebbutt: Designer Education Ltd. Click here for more detail.


To start your school on the process or to answer any questions, please email

The 4D Workplace webspace contains a wealth of information for employers and employees looking for support and guidance on how to create dyslexia aware working environments.Organisations and Government agencies that support the workplace also need to know how best to help. The 4D Workplace webspace is designed to provide valuable and practical information in this area. If you have any further specific questions or feedback in this area, please feel free to email

The 4D programme was conceived and designed by Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (DFNZ), and is maintained by the 4D team.

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