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Neil MacKay is one of the world’s foremost thinkers on dyslexia and author of the acclaimed resource book Removing Dyslexia as a Barrier to Achievement. The creator of Britain’s Dyslexia Friendly Schools concept, Mr MacKay is an experienced teacher with 26 years in mainstream schools. As a consultant to the British Dyslexia Association, he also successfully initiated a national campaign to encourage multi-sensory teaching in British schools.

Mr MacKay is a teaching fellow at Trinity College Carmarthen (University of Wales), and runs interactive workshops on dyslexia, Masters level courses for teachers at several higher education centres, and courses on revision and study techniques for students. He has also been an HM schools inspector and consults to Education Authorities and Departments in the UK, Hong Kong and Malta.

His recent work has included dyslexia-aware training for modern foreign language teachers in Hong Kong; working with teachers, students and parents on the Orkney islands; and delivering a range of consultancy, conference and training services in England, Scotland and Wales. In addition to his work with schools and universities, he also runs courses for adults in industry, notably for international civil engineering firm Balfour Beatty Railprojects and the British Army.

In June 2009, Mr MacKay touched down in New Zealand to run a sold-out nationwide series of 4D workshops for New Zealand educators, introducing his advanced insights into dyslexia and how to improve the learning environment for Kiwi schoolchildren. Feedback from the 1300 participants of these thought-provoking workshops was overwhelmingly positive, with significant demand for his expertise to be made more widely available. Through this exciting new workshop series planned for 2010, we are proud to do so. For more information about the 2010 workshops, which include breakthrough information on applying a new teaching paradigm and creating change through vision and empowerment, click here.

To see some of the insights that Kiwi educators themselves had to offer during the 2009 Workshops, click here.



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