UK entrepreneurial research


A pioneering study published in January 2008 by Julie Logan, Professor of Entrepreneurship at London’s Cass Business School showed 35% of US entrepreneurs were dyslexic, compared to 20% in the UK.

Professor Logan said the primary reason why the US has a greater number of dyslexic entrepreneurs is because the US has better systems for identification, intervention and support of those with dyslexia at a young age, giving them a much better chance of success. “The UK system fails to identify dyslexics at a young age, meaning that many of those with potential to be successful entrepreneurs never get the chance. We should be producing more Richard Branson’s, but the system is failing our children,” Professor Logan said.

Professor Logan said lessons should encourage both left and right brain learning and encourage soft skill development: “Dyslexics need to be placed in a more holistic and practical teaching setting which will foster their skills and enhance their potential. This approach would produce a more flourishing entrepreneurial society.”

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