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The key to dyslexia success is constructive action based on noticing issues and adjusting parenting and teaching styles accordingly. Some students, however – estimated at around 4% of the conservatively estimated 10% of the population who are dyslexic – may need additional specialist help, screening tests and one-on-one interventions to help them make real progress. Additional guidance on identifying dyslexia can be found on the 4D Schools website at and in the 4D Guide for Schools here. The guide also includes useful information on screening tests.


There are a wealth of organisations that provide understanding, tools and skills to enable dyslexic individuals to address learning differences. Click here for a full list.

Please note that DFNZ does not endorse or recommend any specific method, treatment, product, programme, organisations or individuals in regard to assistance for dyslexic children. We encourage you to speak with a range of organisations, and to seek out a variety of information and opinions about what type of programme would suit your child, and your family, taking into account budget and timing constraints.

Support groups
Talking with other parents in similar situations can make all the difference to your confidence and your ability to support your child effectively. So we would encourage parents to seek out families in similar situations, and perhaps consider setting up a support group in your area. Some ways to initiate this would be to make inquiries at your school; ask teachers to put you in touch with other parents; or put up a notice in your local community centre.

The time commitment does not need to be great but it can be invaluable to have that network to draw on for additional help. Cashmere Primary School, for example, has a parents support group that meets once a term, and provides a chance for parents to discuss issues and strategies that work over a cuppa.

Be sure to keep us posted on activities in your area so that we can develop a list of support group resources for parents, simply email

To find a dyslexia support group near you, click on the list of cities below.


 > National
Parent to Parent
Ph: 07 853 8491
Fax: 07 853 8491

 > Auckland
Dyslexia Parent Support Group, Auckland
Ph: 09 849 5023

Kiwi Dyslexic Families Support Group
Contact: Lynne Reynish
Ph: 09 439 5381

Kaipara Flats
Contact: Karen Dravitski
 > Waikato

Dyslexic Network Waikato
Contact: Heather Esplin
Phone: 07 827 0443

Waipa Dyslexia Advocacy
Phone: 027 273 9929

 > Taupo

Dyslexia/LD Support Taupo
Contact: Tracey Graham
Phone: 022 0863328

 > Taranaki

Dyslexia Support Taranaki

 > Tauranga
Dyslexia Families Support
1133 Pyes Pa Rd, RD3, Tauranga
Contact: Lorna Claydon
Phone: 07 543 4394
 > Wellington
SPELD Wellington
Ph 04 382 8807
Email -
 > Nelson
Dyspraxia Support Nelson
Contact: Karen Hunt
Phone: 03 540 3342
Contact: Maggie Williams
Phone: 03 540 3274
 > Otago
Dunedin Dyslexia Network
Contact: Debbie Hannah or Allan McDonald
Phone: 03 489 7478
 > Southland
Dyslexia Support South
Contact: Chris Cole
Phone: 027 201 6951

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