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How Difficult Can This Be?
The F.A.T. City Workshop

This unique program allows viewers to experience the same frustration, anxiety and tension that children with learning disabilities face in their daily lives. Teachers, social workers, psychologists, parents and friends who have participated in Richard Lavoie's workshop reflect upon their experience and the way it changed their approach to L.D. children. 1989.
70 minute Video and Discussion Guide | Purchase Here

Richard Lavoie: Beyond F.A.T. City (DVD)

F.A.T – Frustration, Anxiety, Tension. These are three all-too-familiar feelings for the families of children with learning disabilities. And they are the basis for a 1987 workshop simulating the children's daily experiences. Richard Lavoie, creator of the original F.A.T. City Workshop, reviews the history and philosophy of the project, the major trends and issues in the field of learning disabilities since 1987, and the challenges ahead for parents & educators.

As Seen on PBS. Purchase Here

Spanish Language Track
Includes 48-page viewer guide

Last One Picked ... First One Picked On
Learning Disabilities and Social Skills with Richard Lavoie

Playing with friends is a daily ritual for most children. But kids with learning disabilities are often isolated and rejected. Their problems making and keeping friends are compounded by their poor social skills. The challenges confronting learning disabled children in their lives both in and out of the classroom are examined. 1994.

Teacher version: 68 minute Video with Teacher's Guide: $49.95 | Purchase Here
Parent version: 62 minute Video with Parent's Guide: $49.95 | Purchase Here

Learning Disabilities and Discipline with Richard Lavoie
When the Chips Are Down ...
Strategies for Improving Children's Behavior

Host Richard Lavoie, a nationally-known expert on learning disabilities, offers practical advice on dealing with behavioral problems quickly and effectively. He shows how preventive discipline can anticipate many problems before they start. And he explains how teachers and parents can create a stable, predictable environment in which children with learning disabilities can flourish. 1997
62 minute Video and Discussion Guide: $49.95 | Purchase Here

Richard Lavoie: It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend (DVD)

Drawing on three decades of experience in residential schools, Rick Lavoie provides powerful strategies for teaching friendship skills in the classroom, the homefront, and the community. First, you'll explore the causes and consequences of "social incompetence." Then, you'll gain field-tested advice on how to help children work through daily social struggles and go from being picked on and isolated to becoming accepted and involved. 2005
DVD | Purchase Here

- Materials on bullying and the role of teachers
- Spanish Language Track

Richard Lavoie: : The Motivation Breakthrough (DVD)

Motivation is the key to learning. But very few parents and teachers have an effective arsenal of techniques at their disposal. With empathy and understanding, backed by decades of experience in the classroom, Rick Lavoie gives parents and teachers the key to unlock any child's enthusiasm and responsiveness. The Motivation Breakthrough will revolutionize the way parents, teachers, and professionals reach out to and motivate all children. 2007
DVD | Purchase Here

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