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Welcome to our 4D schools page

4D Schools revolve around a ‘notice and adjust’ teaching paradigm, with comprehensive guidance on noticing students who are having issues and adjusting the teaching to suit. It includes a comprehensive resource of simple classroom changes which fit with the expectations of the National Curriculum and will drive the kind of measurable progress mandated by the Government. You can read more about Neil Mackay and notice and adjust at our dedicated 4DEdge web space.

The 4D process is driven by school leaders and is built on the ERO Self-Review Process which ensures that schools need only measure what is already required. Therefore huge improvements can be made without requiring significantly more time or resources. Many schools have embedded this process in their practices.

4D Consultancy has created and provided a number of FREE downloadable resources to guide and support schools through their journey. Professional development is also available to aid this success but it is not a prerequisite.

Each school determines its level and can publish this on their own website. DFNZ must stress that each school ‘owns’ this process.

If you have questions or need advice please email:

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