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Great stuff from Laughton King - Educational Psychologist

Laughton King is an educational psychologist and author offering a range of seminars and workshops to help educators and parents understand the personal, social and learning difficulties associated with dyslexia. A dyslexic learner himself, Laughton has nonetheless overcome this learning difference and, following a successful 30 year career as an Educational, Child and Family Psychologist, has taken his teachings on the road.

Laughton's message is simple: that teaching and talking to dyslexic children in the same way as you would talk to 'normal' learners is a bit like putting petrol into diesel engines – predictably the engine goes sluggish, overheats and finally fails to perform. This, he says is what happens when we fail to recognise that many children think in pictures, not words, and has its impact on both behaviour and learning.  He says that rather than the child having a faulty style, it is our language that makes life difficult for these children – both at home and at school.  When a child does exactly what they have just been told NOT to do, it might be because they're acting on the picture the adult has just (inadvertantly) created in their head. Recognising this and many other small ways you can help a 'picture thinker' can have a massive impact in the classroom and at home.

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